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    Fighting Style Template


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    Fighting Style Template Empty Fighting Style Template

    Post by Krow on Sun Aug 10, 2014 9:30 pm

    Name: (What is the name of the Fighting Style?)
    Type: (Free-Style, Organized, Adaptive, Species-based, or Weapon-based?)
    Mentor: (Who taught you this fighting style. Unless it is free-style you must put a mentor. For free-style put either N/A or self-taught.)
    Stat Buffs: (What are the stat buffs offered by your fighting style? Please give these as a list wit some description. Also, )
    Style Description: (What does this fighting style look like? Does it focus more on one area, such as revolving around punches or kicks only, or is it more varied in its combative applications?)
    Other Details: (Other things that one would need to know)

    [b]Stat Buffs:[/b]
    [b]Style Description:[/b]
    [b]Other Details:[/b]

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