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    Crystogen Rules


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    Crystogen Rules Empty Crystogen Rules

    Post by Krow on Sat Feb 28, 2015 12:14 am


    General Information:
    Aethrion Particles:
    Aetherion Particles is a mysterious substance that exists within everything in the world of Azure Winds and will be expressed as AP. This is what fuels the objects known as Crystogen.

    Crystogen are a crystalline substance that each contain their own unique extraordinary and sometimes otherworldly powers. The powers produced being dependent upon the crystogen's classification and how it interacts with the aethrion particles it naturally contains and absorbs from the atmosphere. However, most of them, save Legendary/Ancient one's, must be implanted into one's body to be used. One thing they all have in common, is that even once implanted within a person's body they are still Dormant and require a trigger of sorts to awaken them.

    Dormant/Awakened States:
    All Crystogen, even after being implanted into a host (or filled with compatible aethrion particles in the case of Legendaries/Ancients) start off in a state of dormancy. A Crystogen can only be awakened, when its host has suffered a trauma that has placed an incredible strain upon them mentally and physically. When a Crystogen awakens it will have some sort of effect upon its host. This effect is either to their personality or to their physical appearance.

    Surge Mode:
    Surge Mode for the three more well known types of Crystogen (Altre, Animallis, Natura) offers a boost in power to their passives and techniques. For the two less well known types of Crystogen (Legendary/Ancient) it allows them to use more than just passives, meaning they can use their actual techniques.

    Oversurge Mode:
    Oversurge Mode is a signature ability of the Legendary and Ancient type Crystogen's. This offers them the same kind of boost that the other three types gain from their basic Surge Mode. Additionally, Legendary and Ancient Crystogen must already be using Surge Mode in order to enter Overdrive Mode.

    Second Origin:
    Second Origin is a process exclusive to the Legendary and Ancient types of Crystogen, through which they can gain access to Sealed Arts. Sealed Arts being techniques that are normally considered taboo, due to the massive strain placed on the user's body by using them, and the severe side-effect's suffered after using them. This cannot be gained right away.

    Hybridization is a process exclusive to the Altre, Animallis, and Natura types of Crystogen, through which they can contain a secondary crystogen. This secondary crystogen, must be compatible with their primary crystogen. (e.g. You cannot mix say a fire crystogen with a sand or water crystogen, but you can mix a fire crystogen with a lightning or earth crystogen.) If you are uncertain about the compatibility between your Primary and your desired Secondary Crystogen, please ask a member of Staff about it. This cannot be gained right away.

    Crystogen Types:
    Altre are one of the three more common Crystogen types. These Crystogen give the users a power that can affect their body, manipulate the environment, or produce substances. In general, Altre Crystogen grant their users powers other than transforming into elements, nor transforming into animals. While they do not possess elemental or animal transformations, some of them are capable of other kinds of transformations, as well as creating substances. These are the most common class of Crystogen.

    Animallis are one of the three more common Crystogen types. These Crystogen provides three basic forms: the user's natural form, a fully transformed form, and a hybrid form, combining both the original and crystogen-bestowed species into an unusual form (usually in a way that leaves their size greatly exaggerated). They are especially effective in close combat, with all of them also gaining passive augmentations to their senses and instincts to a degree that sets them on par with the crystogen-bestowed species senses and instincts. These are the second most common class of Crystogen.

    Natura are one of the three more common Crystogen types. These Crystogen grant its users the ability to turn into a natural element or force of nature. This allows them to create, control, and transform into their respective natural element or force of nature, which can be done partly, or completely. This elemental transformation allowing them reform if destroyed, with only minor wounds on their part (this can be done on reflex alone). While they saves them from being damaged through most normal means, they can be hit if their concentration staggers in the slightest. These are the third most common class of Crystogen, yet they are considered the rarest of the Crystogen-types, with the exception of the Legendary & Ancient-types.

    The Legendary/Ancient-types of Crystogen are quite rare and unique for a variety of reasons. They revolve around mythical and mystical creatures and unnatural elements, as well as deities. Their abilities are one of a kind, albeit in some cases comparable to those of the other types. These are also the only Crystogen that naturally their hosts to sense if one possesses a Crystogen, though they will not what type it is unless told such, witnessing it, or experiencing it first hand. Unlike the other three which, must be implanted into a person's body in order to used, these are tied directly to one's bloodline/lineage. As such, those who are capable of possessing them, have always been born with a natural empty Crystogen already inside of their body. This Crystogen is flooded by the aethrion particles that were held within the former possessors Crystogen, meaning the former possessor has either been killed, or of their own volition transfers the particles to the next host shortly before their death.


    Technique's are separated into different ranks: C - B - A - S - X  (lowest -> highest)

    However, within each rank technique's differ as well. Some deal repetitive damage over a duration while others hit hard instantly. The power of techniques within each rank fluctuates and follows certain scaling. When calculating damage in combat, you have to know what kind of technique you have, what kind your opponent has, how they clash, as well as the respective ranks of the two clashing skills. As well as difference in physical rank and stats.

    If you just want a general idea of how much damage different types of techniques do, the following rules apply:
    Power Levels:
    C: 1000
    B: 1500
    A: 2500 (+1000 per Rank till X)
    S: 3500
    X: 5000 (upon hitting X there's a 1500 rather than 1000 boost)

    Deals 100% of its Rank in damage upon impact.
    Deals 150% of its Rank in damage over the entire duration. Damage per turn is 150% divided by the duration.
    Area Of Effect:
    Deals 100% of its Rank in damage upon impact in the center. Deals 75% of its rank in damage in the affected area.


    When deciding upon your Primary Ability-type, you are given the following options: Altre, Animallis, Natura, or Legendary/Ancient. Your Primary Ability will be of a higher order most of the time. For those who use Altre, Animallis, or Natura Crystogen, when you upgrade to a Hybrid, while your Secondary Crystogen will take up your Secondary Ability slot, you are permitted to mix your secondary ability into your primary. Though, these specific skills will use the abilities of both of your Crystogen together.


    When deciding upon your Secondary Ability-type, you are given more options. Though, you should give it extra consideration as you want it to work well with your Primary Ability-type. Your Secondary Ability will be of a slightly lesser order than your Primary most of the time. For those who have chosen to upgrade from Altre, Animallis, or Natura to being a Hybrid. Hybridization, or more specifically your Secondary Crystogen, will fill this slot. For Legendaries/Ancients, this can be filled up with Second Awakening, which is akin to Hybridization in terms of power, but instead brings out the otherwise hidden aspect of your Crystogen.


    Primary Ability Slots

    C rank: 4 Natural, 7 Max
    B rank: 3 Natural, 6 Max
    A rank: 3 Natural, 5 Max
    S rank: 2 Natural, 4 Max
    X rank: 1 Natural, 3 Max

    Secondary Ability Slots

    C rank: 3 Natural, 6 Max
    B rank: 2 Natural, 5 Max
    A rank: 2 Natural, 4 Max
    S rank: 1 Natural, 3 Max
    X rank: 1 Natural, 2 Max

    Note: Techniques that are not naturally given must be bought in the shop.

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