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    Kaga  Empty Kaga

    Post by Kaga on Thu Dec 18, 2014 3:51 pm

    Basic Info.
    Name: Kaga (No Last Name/Unknown Last Name)
    Names Meaning: Chronicle
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Alignment: Sky Pirate
    Crew(s): N/A
    Epithet: To Be Gained
    Role On-board:

    Kaga  1z3cl6v
    Kaga  12146024336_6aa7430547_b
    Kaga sports dark blue hair reminiscent to his dog-form's fur, a headdress that covers his eyes, and a large dark blue cape covering most of his body down to his knees. He wears light grey pants with a black belt and blue boots that look similar to his cape. He is tall and has a very pale complexion. Without his cape, he is shown to be very muscular and has multiple black tattoos that range from the sides of his face to his shoulder blades and down his arms. His ears are slightly pointed and they bear a large ring on either of them. He also has "tender amber eyes" as described by most people and bears sharp canine teeth. However, he usually never wears a shirt or this outfit inside. He is almost always shirtless when he is in his own space. And sometimes taking the traits of his dog-form when he's human, sometimes it reveals ears and a tail. Kaga also has a unique neck. In the middle of his neck is a space that bares a crystal like shard that can be described as to "glow". Around his neck is a spiked collar that has a unique accessory attached to it.
    Age: 23 (Or Appears To Be)
    Species: Familiar
    Height: 6'1
    Weight: 153 Lbs.
    Hair Color: Dark Blue
    Eye Color: Amber

    Personality: Kaga often is the mature one in the feud of people. He can be very passive in some conversations, usually taking things literally and misunderstanding certain sayings leaving people to explain something in another light.  He maintains a calm demeanor throughout most periods, even during fights, but this usually breaks when someone he cares for is in sudden danger. But Despite his calm denominator he is deeply conflicted with his feelings for his friends and his duty to deep his mind in check. Even though so far he seems like the stoic-type-of-guy, he can get angry and often raises his voice during such conflicts. He is like a older brother. Like a dog (Knowing he does have a dog form), he is fiercely loyal and obedient, and usually doesn't expose his rebellious side... if he has one, that is. He is usually the peacemaker of fights and wants only the best of his friends and family. Even though he is one you can't easily piss off, he can be scary if it happens.

    Despite his calm'n'cool side, he can not really be sarcastic, even though he can be very playful. He can be embarrassed easily and is often shy to new people he is introduced to. He is straightforward and considerate. He is quite Overprotective of his friends and family, and take the extra mile for them. He has many sides to him but is very complex all the same.

    • Baths- His Dog-like traits make him quite fond of baths. And even without the instinctive liking, he likes them anyway. But he would only let people whom he has close relations with actually bathe him.

    • Sleep- Kaga is a light sleeper. He deeply enjoys sleep but often works himself to sleep.

    • Bitter Food- He doesn't have much of a sweet tooth, and enjoys bitter drinks and foods.

    • Cleaning- Being a slight-clean freak, he makes sure that everything is clean and likes the atmosphere of it.


    • Chaos- He does not like things that are not in order. He finds it troublesome.

    • Being Held Or Petted- In his human form or dog form, he doesn't like being petted or held. He only doesn't complain about being held or petted by when people he has close relations to do so.

    • Sweet Foods and Beverages- He doesn't have a sweet tooth, and really has neutral feelings about the treats that most call "cake" and stuff.

    • Those whom hurt his friends- Being the overprotective familiar he is, he often gets pissed at these actions.


    • Rewards- Kaga is Modest, but if he knows there is a goal and reward, he'll do it.

    • His Master- Being a dog, he needs a master. And whomever his master is, he is very fond of for their traits.

    • His Friends And Family- He often gets motivated on how he thinks in a sense that he needs to protect them.


    • Death- May it be himself, friends, or family, the thought is too dreadful and he often doesn't talk about it in a playful way.

    • Cats- As weird as it is, he dislikes cats so much he fears them. They give him a shiver up his spine. He loathes them.


    • Kaga has a dog form much smaller then his actual size.
      Kaga's Dog Form:
      Kaga  Ren_20copys_original

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    Kaga  Empty Re: Kaga

    Post by Krow on Fri Dec 19, 2014 10:56 am

    Okay. I will be starting your review now. There a few details do need to be addressed.

    The first of which is the being a Dog thing, just a heads up, doing so will require you to have an Animallis Crystogen, one of the Canine Models (of which there are many). So, essentially, you are to a slight degree limiting yourself, though you may cover that limit with a fighting style.

    The second part is that you are short by one Motivation and Two Fears.
    Just address the Motivations/Fears part then BUMP, okay?

    Posts : 92
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    Role: Phoenix Pirate's Captain
    Ability-type: Phoenix Crystogen
    Xennie: Pending

    Kaga  Empty Re: Kaga

    Post by Krow on Wed Feb 25, 2015 5:37 pm

    Okay. I am just going to Archive this since you never made the requested changes and have left the site.

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    Kaga  Empty Re: Kaga

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