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    Character Template


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    Character Template Empty Character Template

    Post by Krow on Sat Aug 09, 2014 4:50 am

    Basic Info.

    Name: (Name of your Character.)
    Names Meaning: (If there is one give it!)
    Age: (Be realistic, please. Not saying you cant be a bad ass at 19, but at ages like 4 and 500, no one is going to take you seriously, at least not on here.)
    Gender: (Obviously, the gender of your character.)
    Sexuality: (Heterosexual, Bisexual, Homosexual, Lesbian, etc.)
    Alignment: (World Government, Sky Pirate, Revolutionaries, or Bounty Hunter?)
    Crew(s): (All past and present crews your character had been a part of here!)
    Epithet: (All moniker's your character goes by here!)
    Role On-board: (Captain, Doctor, Cook, Navigator, etc.)


    Personality: (What is your character like personality-wise? How they carry themselves in general, around crowds, when with friends, on jobs and whatnot, when fighting, and how this may change over time. Also given any personality or mental disorders and how it effects their personality in general. This must be at least 300 words long.)

    Likes: (What are your character's likes? You must give at least three likes and a reason why they like this specific thing. Set these up in a list format.)

    Dislikes: (What are your character's dislikes? You must give at least three dislikes and a reason why they dislike this specific thing. Set these up in a list format.)

    Motivations: (What are your character's motivations? You must give at least three motivations and a reason why this factor motivates them. Set these up in a list format.)

    Fears: (What are your character's fears? You must give at least three fears and a reason why they fear this factor. Set these up in a list format.)


    Height: (How tall is your character?)
    Weight: (What is the weight of your character?)
    Hair Color: (What is the color or colors of their hair?)
    Eye Color: (What is their eye color or colors?)

    Appearance: (What they look like physically, as well as current attire, future attire and whatnot. This can not be substituted with a picture and must be at least two paragraphs.)

    Etc.:(Anything that is not covered above that might be good to know about your character.)

    [center][b][u]Basic Info.[/u][/b][/center]
    [b]Names Meaning:[/b]
    [b]Role On-board:[/b]


    [b]Hair Color:[/b]
    [b]Eye Color:[/b]


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