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    Dragon, God, Devil Killer Positions


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    Dragon, God, Devil Killer Positions Empty Dragon, God, Devil Killer Positions

    Post by Krow on Sun Dec 07, 2014 8:54 am

    Slayer: This the second of the sub-classes within the Legendary/Ancient Class of Crystogen. These Crystogen empower the user with the physical conditioning, abilities, and prowess of either a Dragon (Neutral Element), God (Corrupt Element), or Devil (Holy Element) enabling them to kill such creatures or being's, respectively. They are are all capable of eating their respective base-element, though they cannot eat the element produced directly from their own bodies.

    Slayer List:
    Dragon Killer List:
    Fire Dragon: Open
    Water Dragon: Open
    Earth Dragon: Open
    Storm Dragon: Open
    Lightning Dragon: Open
    Ice Dragon: Open
    Poison Dragon: Open
    Iron Dragon: Open
    Shadow Dragon: Open
    Light Dragon: Open
    Sky Dragon: Open

    God Killer List:
    Flame God: Open
    Aqua God: Open
    Earth God: Open
    Storm God: Open
    Thunder God: Open
    Glacier God: Open
    Venom God: Open
    Metallic God: Open
    Shadow God: Open
    White God: Open
    Sky God: Open

    Devil Killer List:
    Inferno Devil: Open
    Torrent Devil: Open
    Earth Devil: Open
    Storm Devil: Open
    Thunder Devil: Open
    Tundra Devil: Open
    Acid Devil: Open
    Metallic Devil: Open
    Abysmal Devil: Open
    Heavenly Devil: Open
    Tempest Devil: Open

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