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    Brande V. Alburn

    Brande V. Alburn
    Brande V. Alburn

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    Character Profile

    Brande V. Alburn Empty Brande V. Alburn

    Post by Brande V. Alburn on Wed Nov 26, 2014 6:39 am

    Basic Info.
    Brande V. Alburn
    Names Meaning:
    Alburn - “Noble Warrior”, Brande - “Sword”
    Sky Pirates
    Phoenix Pirates, Formerly Kyros V. Evan's crewmate, part of the crew of the Invincible.
    The Asura
    Role On-board:
    Super Rookie First Mate

    A tall, muscular, dark-skinned male, typically seen wearing sleeveless shirts, his hair spiked up in a sort of upward, windswept style. He also has prominent eyebrows, that “bristle” slightly towards the top. Or, more simply, like this.

    The markings signifying his Crystogen are a set of four stylized “handprints” on his shoulder blades, two hands to each shoulder, one above the other, with the the arrangement of fingers as if the hands were “palms out”, with a sequence of swirling patterns trailing down his spine.
    Human ( Legendary Crystogen User)
    273 lbs
    Hair Color:
    Platinum Blonde
    Eye Color:

    On the surface, Alburn seems totally relaxed most of the time, almost carefree, approaching most situations he's introduced to with a grin and a chuckle, before he gets to work. This can prove almost irritating to some people, as he almost seems to just not CARE in most given situations, proving to remain unworried even when faced with an upcoming fight. If anything, he tends to approach even combat with a grin and some banter, treating the whole thing almost as a game. Of course, this could in part be due to his abilities rendering him VERY durable, rendering most fights to be little more than a way to pass the time. As a result, the common assumption is that he's always in a happy, upbeat mood, which can be good for morale, as well!

    Of course, he IS still, well, a pirate, and does have a greedy streak that turns up now and then, though he still generally tries to do the right thing. Offering a reward can be a pretty good way to encourage good behavior on his part, though friends of his adoptive family and crew can also rely on him almost implicitly, as he will move heaven and earth (almost literally) to help them. This can be turned against him, but be careful how much someone tugs at THAT particular string, because if you tug too hard, Alburn gets serious.

    And Alburn is a very different person once forced to actually become serious, a change drastic enough it can prove unsettling to most that don't know him. Once he gets serious, he deals with threats to himself or his crew with a swift, painful brutality that thoroughly earned him his nickname as "The Asura", putting his immense strength to use pounding someone into the dirt. Or walls. Or anything else, really, displaying a deeply buried rage that he freely unleashes against whoever has earned the undesirable position of “target of his fury”. However, he's still himself at his core, and, once no longer faced with a reason to be serious, quickly resumes his usual, carefree mannerisms.

    • Spicy foods - He just really likes food that has a kick, even when such food would "reduce a lesser man to a sobbing wreck!"
    • Traveling - Going out and seeing the world, meeting interesting new people, and of course helping them out when need be. This is the kinda thing he lives for.
    • Girls - Well, when he's not trying to be a charmer with pretty girls he meets. What can he say, he likes the ladies.
    • His old crew – While he won't go into a lot of detail about who they were, he does have a lot of fond memories of his old crew, and he does actually keep a picture they gave him as a parting gift. He just won't let anyone see it.


    • Abuse of Power – People who have power, then just abuse it to keep other people down? Those are the kind of people that can flip Alburn's switch.
    • Cold foods – With the exception of cold drinks, for some reason, Alburn just does not like cold food. Ever. Has to heat it up somehow or he'll pass, thanks.
    • Boredom - “I'm Bored” are the two worst words to hear out of Alburn, as, usually, he'll then alleviate his boredom with some kind of mayhem. Usually starting a brawl. Usually with Krow.
    • Kiseki – He won't go into why, but he has personal reasons for HATING the drug known as Kiseki. Reasons involving his biological mother.


    • Adventure! - As simple as that. He's still young, and wants to make his mark on the world, and the best way to do that is to get out there and start getting things done!
    • Friends - His friends (which includes his crewmates), are one of his biggest motivators, driving him to excel and improve himself to not be a drag on them.
    • Responsibility - He believes that his powers give him a responsibility to use it to help people that don't have it, so he tends to be out doing his best to help people as much as possible. Usually.
    • Kyros V. Evan – His mentor, and former captain, Alburn tries to live up to his boisterous, well-meaning example.


    • Spiders - Nope. Nope nope nope. He will have nothing to do with the scuttling eight legged abominations. Noooo way. He WILL destroy furniture to kill the things, screaming like a little girl.
    • Deep Water – It just unsettles him. Really bad. He can't stand water that he can't see the bottom of. And not because of the water being dirty. Deep, crystal clear water that fades into darkness. Nope. Not happening.
    • Failure - Failing his friends, failing himself, failing to stop someone that's hurting people, this is all the kind of stuff that winds up eating at him later.
    • Kiseki – As much as he hates it, the Kiseki drug also TERRIFIES him for the changes in causes to a person who uses it.

    His Theme

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    Character Profile
    Role: Phoenix Pirate's Captain
    Ability-type: Phoenix Crystogen
    Xennie: Pending

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