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    Forbidden Blades List


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    Forbidden Blades List Empty Forbidden Blades List

    Post by Krow on Wed Dec 17, 2014 11:44 pm

    Negacalibur: The first forbidden sword, Negacalibur, as its name suggests, is a blade meant for the express purpose of negating the abilities of ability-user's. The blade and hilt were forged using pure anti-stone. This sword, when stabbed into the ground, produces a sort of "dead-zone", within this zone of 20 meters the use of Aether is made impossible.

    Mirror's Edge: The second forbidden sword, Mirror's Edge, as one might assume from its name, is a blade capable of mirroring the abilities of a Crystogen. This is done by staining the blade in the blood of said crystogen user. The traits of the specific crystogen remain with the blade up until the blade is splashed with the blood of another crystogen user. At which point, the traits of the former vanish and are replaced by the traits of the new crystogen.

    Trinity: The third forbidden blade, as its name implies, has to do with a rule of three in a manner of speaking. When one holds the blade with both hands, this sword will forge two phantom copies of itself which the user can then wield freely.

    Wind Fang: The fourth forbidden blade, as its name suggests, has to do with the application of wind to forge blades. This sword having the ability draw in the surrounding wind, this wind is then transformed into four blades of wind that spiral around the blade. When swung, the sword will release a blade of wind as a projectile that holds the cutting power of a steel sword. Only one wind blade can be released per swing, but they can be released in rapid succession. Once the four wind blades have been used, the blade must be recharged.

    Gravitonium: The fifth forbidden blade, possesses the ability to manipulate gravity freely within a meter radius. As such, they can walk on walls/ the ceiling or make the sword lighter to reach their full speed despite how large and heavy the blade is, then increase the gravity surrounding the blade while striking to increase the force of the blow.

    Kamikaze: The sixth forbidden blade. A katana that allows the user to control water. Strong in it's ability to do so with torrential tsunami like force, weak in that it cannot create water and has to work with pre-existing water.

    Ragnarok: The seventh forbidden blade. Any time this blade cuts into the earth creates a fissure in the earth that spews violent flame. Fissures can be made on any non-organic matter.

    The Michael Sword: The eight forbidden blade. The blades allows low level pyrokinetic abilities as long as the user remains hold of it. However that is only secondary to it's ability to allow the wielder to choose what to cut. Normally the blade will just slice through whatever swung at but the wielder can will it to pass through harmlessly, the wielder can control it's fire in the same way. Once per thread the blade can be stabbed into a person's chest healing all injuries and ailments short of death. Note: Half of the physical injuries transfer to the wielder.

    Rules of Nature: The ninth forbidden blade. A crude blade that allows the user to control plant life and animals. The wielder can steal the strengths and abilities of various creatures by beheading them with the blade. The blade has limited power over creatures stronger then the wielder.

    Dystopia: The tenth forbidden blade. A sai blade that allows the creation and control of lightning central to the blade. Meaning the blade can be electrocuted to deal extra damage however the energy cannot be "shot" from the blade. A note worthy exception is that the blade can be thrown and the lightning inside manipulated to steer it's flight and eventually be used to fly it back without having to retrieve it.

    Lionheart: The eleventh forbidden blade. A pure anti-stone sword. The user can drain ether in the air into the sword as long as it remains in it's sheath. For 3 posts after doing this ether attacks are only 50% as effective and the user's strength and speed doubles.

    Demonicus: The twelfth forbidden blade. This blade is forged out of Demon Egg shards, resulting in the blade acting as a physical incarnation of the Demon from which the shards originated. Making it a blade geared towards killing Demon Egg hosts. Though, using this blade carries a mandatory 20% damage via freak accident every other thread.

    Exitium: The thirteenth forbidden blade. This blade is forged out of pure Ivanite, the strongest known substance in the world. This blade is incredibly long, yet with the style of a katana, holding a finer edge than any other blade that can be forged. This blade will near dull, cannot be broken, and holds incredible defensive power.  

    One For All: The fourteenth forbidden blade. A large sword passed down through a line of great warriors from father to son, in it holds the wisdom, skill and battle experience of everyone of the family line who has held it. This blade when swung, releases an enormous burst of an otherworldly black flames that slashes through and severely damages anything it hits.

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