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    Immurtles character registration


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    Immurtles character registration Empty Immurtles character registration

    Post by Immurtle on Tue Dec 16, 2014 11:43 am

    Basic Info.
    Name: Joshua Chapman
    Names Meaning: N/A
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Alignment: Sky Pirate
    Crew(s): Phoenix Pirate's
    Epithet: Demon of the Sky
    Role On-board: Cook

    Appearance: Josh has spiky hair, a scar on the left side of his face going from his eye down to his chin, wears a tank top with a jacket that has an X on the back, resembling him being the 10th generation of Sky Pirates in his family, Blue jeans, and leather boots
    Age: 16
    Height: 6 feet and a 1/2-inch
    Weight: 126 pounds
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Red

    Personality:Josh is a happy, friendly person who enjoys adventuring and hanging out with the rest of the crew, he thinks strategically however he is angered easily due to his ADHD, he is very loyal to his captain, going so far as to put his life on the line for him, whenever one of his friends is attacked, he gets very angry and determined to defeat the one who hurt them, even killing them if need be, he also wishes to become captain one day, so he is a very determined person, always trying his hardest not caring about what will happen to himself.
    He is also a very experienced cook despite his young age, he loves making desserts the most
    -Hanging out with his friends: Josh enjoys hanging out with his friends because he feels happy around them
    -Cooking: Cooking is one of Josh's favourite hobbies so he enjoys it and sees it more as a fun activity than a chore
    -Fights: Josh loves a good brawl because it entertains him
    -Training to become stronger: Josh enjoys training because it gives him a sense of accomplishment
    -Backstabbers: Josh finds backstabbers cowardly and despises them
    -Vegetables: Despite being a very experienced chef, he hates preparing and eating meals with vegetables
    -People who think they are better than everybody else: Josh hates people who think they are above everybody, he wants to put them in their place
    -People who insult his captain: his captain is one of the most important people in Josh's life and he can't stand his captain being insulted
    -The will to protect his friends and people close to him he wants to protect his friends as they are important to him and he wants them to be happy
    -Wanting to become stronger and earn a place among the captains higher ups
    -He wants to become the strongest in his crew and show everybody that he can help out
    -One day becoming a captain of a crew
    -Him being responsible for the death or injury of a friend Josh is terrified of being the reason a friend is injured or dies
    -Things relating to horror Josh gets scared easily so he doesn't like anything that is even remotely scary
    -His captain rejecting him as a friend
    -Him not being able to protect people close to him

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