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    About The Will of Venti


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    About The Will of Venti Empty About The Will of Venti

    Post by Krow on Mon Dec 15, 2014 5:04 pm

    Will of Venti:
    The Will of V or Will of Venti is an absolution within the power known as Aera. The few whole can use this all share the Middle Initial V. and are considered Carriers of Will of Winds. These individuals share the following traits; carefree attitudes, incredible appetites, strong wills and suffer from some degree of narcolepsy. They are also believed to be "Loved By The Winds". They are known for making incredible impacts on the World and are believed to be Descendants from an Ancient Alliance of Kingdom's wiped out over a Century ago, the natural enemies of the Leviathan Corporation.

    Divine Will: The Will of Winds is a Divine Will inherited by certain individuals. These individuals are blessed with extraordinary luck, the capacity to easily make allies of others, and incredibly powerful wills. This Divine Will is part of their deeper connection to the mysterious power known as Aera, and is believed to be why they have all possessed Aera to its fullest. Their incredibly strong wills are why they make such huge impacts on the world and why the Leviathan Corporation fears the possibility of Venti bringing about another Storm.

    Voice: Carrier's are granted access to an unusual additional form of Aera. This form of Aera allows them to communicate with animal's on a telepathic level, as well as, allow them to hear the history and meaning of an object simply by touching it. This being what allows these individuals to read and use the ancient text etched into the Cipher's scattered through entire world.

    Final Rebellion: Carrier's when near-death, if they are in a mindset that tell them to completely defy their on-coming death. Are capable of continuing to fight even after their health has hit rock bottom. The exact amount of additional health granted when this is done being dependent on one's physical rank.

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