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    Daiko Seidra


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    Daiko Seidra Empty Daiko Seidra

    Post by Daiko on Sat Dec 13, 2014 9:10 pm

    Basic Info.
    Name: Daiko Seidra
    Names Meaning: /
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Alignment: Pirate~
    Crew(s): Fissure Pirates [ Current ]
    Epithet: Shade
    Role On-board: Captain~

    Daiko's body is built pretty average. He's not the strongest guy around, but he does have a bit of abdominal strength, as well as upper body strength. He has very strong legs, and his lower body strength is the most powerful part about him. He can kick very hard, but his punches aren't ultra powerful... Yet. He has a hardly visible sixpack and his pecks aren't completely flat, but other than that there aren't many notable features. He's almost six feet tall, and is about average height and weight for his age.

    Daiko's clothing consists of many different things. He usually wears black, and very dark colored jeans. He never wears light pants, and usually only wears sweatpants when he is sleeping. He wears underwear ranging from simply black or simple white boxers, to boxers with a design of skulls with fire around them. He is almost always found wearing a sweatshirt, either red or black. They are both zip up, and have pull strings. On rare occasions, he can be found wearing a panda sweatshirt, with little ears on the top of the hood. It has little holes in the bottom part of the sleeve, allowing him to put his hands through, and make it look like he has panda paws. He almost never wears this. He also has a necklace that is a silver cross, with a black line through the centers, making it look like it contains a black liquid. He also wears a black ring, one half of it being silver. His jeans are usually baggy, but sometimes he wears tighter pants.

    Daiko, when he reaches a higher rank, will dress differently. He will wear darker jeans, as well as a coat that has a collar popped up to his chin. It has a "v" near his chest, and is buttoned up to be put on. He will also wear black shirts under, with his pirate crew symbol on it. He will still wear most of the same clothing, but when he invades other ships or meets with other captains, he will wear his jacket outfit, with black jeans and shoes that are more suited for formal occasions. He will also wear a necklace of his crew's symbol, as well as having the insignia on the back of his jacket. He'll sometimes wear glasses in a V-like shape, pointing out far, that make him look cool~. They are attached by a little connector at the bridge of his nose, requiring nothing to go over his ear.

    Age: 18
    Species: Human
    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 164 lbs
    Hair Color: Black / Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Purple~

    Daiko likes to think of himself as a strong individual. He thinks of himself highly, though he does not have much of an ego. He is humble to people who are obviously stronger than him, but will not hesitate to stand over people who are obviously weaker than him. He is tough, not letting death or his feelings get to him, and usually leaves a trail of broken hearts wherever he goes. He doesn't like to stay with one person, unless they peak his interest in particular. When he does find someone he would want to stay with, he will stay with them for a long time... Maybe even get married to them~

    Around crowds Daiko is basically the same. Most of the time he tries to blend in, but on some days.. He wants to be the focus of the crowd. He will get his name known throughout the land, as Daiko, the strongest pirate captain that has ever lived. He will usually try to get attention in crowds, either by burning things or beating people up. He'll start a fight whenever possible, making sure that he wins.

    When he's with friends, he is... An asshole. He shows off, boasts, and spills stuff. He would probably be the description of "Swearing like a sailor", due to the fact that he makes up his own words. Whether it be fusing together swearwords or just... making them up, he always has a colorful vocabulary, especially in front of friends and people he likes and isn't trying very hard to impress.

    When on Jobs, Daiko get serious. He doesn't mess around, and will be sure to shove his fist down any enemy's throat before they get the chance to fight back. He will loot, pillage, and destroy anyone or anything that stands in his way. He is a leader, and will lead his crew. If anyone apposes him, he will go after them, even if it seems stupid. He usually makes sure that he'd win the fight before entering it, but when he cares a lot about the stakes, he will do just about anything to triumph over foes. He's serious in jobs, kicking ass and taking names.

    When fighting, Daiko becomes stone cold, focusing only on killing. If someone is in his way, or challenges him to a fight, he will do the thing that he is best at. Killing. He will do it very brutally, either with magic or his bare hands. He'll crush skulls, break necks, and cut open stomachs in order to seize victory, and doesn't care about 'fighting dirty' or any of that. He just wants to win. If someone challenges him, they'd better be prepared to get their ass whooped, because Daiko packs a punch. If someone tries to step up to him, he'll beat them to a pulp, reshape them with his fists, then beat them back into a pulp, just to say that he did so.

    Daiko will mature over time, that is for sure. He will look past his ways of brutalizing everything he sees. Rather than cause death of someone, he'll most likely beat them to near death, but then have them do stuff for him, under thread of being killed. This will give him advantages. During jobs, he'll most likely stay the same. His 'go get them' attitude will stick, helping him tough through even the hardest of jobs. When he's with his friends he'll always be the same. That's just a fact. Around crowds he'll be more mysterious, rather than attracting attention he'll be all shady and creep around. He'll always be a strong individual, and will only grow stronger.


    • Leading ~ Daiko is a natural born leader, finding pleasure in controlling whatever is going on, having it go according to plan.
    • Relaxing ~ Although he may seem uptight, Daiko loves nothing more to kick back and relax after a long day of pillaging..
    • Fighting ~ If there is one thing Daiko will tell anyone, it's his love of fighting. You can spot him challenging anyone that he thinks is stronger than him.
    • Looting ~ Whenever Daiko takes the time to search for treasure, he's taking all of it. Pillaging every last home, taking every last piece of jewelry.


    • Weakness ~ Daiko hates facing his inner weakness, or seeing others who are weak.
    • Mutiny ~ All Captains would hate to have their crew against them. Daiko punishes this by death.
    • Authority ~ Daiko became a pirate to get rid of higher authorities. It's only natural he'd dislike them.
    • Onibi ~ Daiko's inner fear, his weakness. The demon inside of him is unpredictable and cruel, and plans to take over Daiko's body.


    • Rivalry ~ Daiko is motivated to surpass his rivals in every way, and he is motivated to do so.
    • Onibi ~ Daiko is motivated to reach a physical state to overpower Onibi, and become the controller of his demon, rather than the other way around...
    • Treasure ~ Daiko will do tasks for just about anyone... When there's money involved...
    • Crew ~ Daiko has faith that the people he selects for his crew will be tough, and he is motivated to be tougher.


    • Mutiny ~ Daiko fears that his crew will one day turn against him, trying to kill him... He wouldn't want to have to kill his entire crew~
    • Conspiracy ~ Daiko watches out for the crew member who dislikes him, turning the rest against him... He'll punish this by death.
    • Onibi ~ Daiko's inner fear. He fears that he will one day succumb to this evil being, losing control of it and his body.
    • Weakness ~ Daiko is afraid that he is too weak. He isn't afraid of stronger people, but rather afraid of them labeling him as weak.

    Etc.: /

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    Post by Daiko on Sun Dec 14, 2014 7:12 am

    Ready for checking. Sorry for so much Persona/Appearance ; - ;

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