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    Post by Krow on Wed Nov 26, 2014 7:40 am

    Basic Info.
    Biological Name: Kyros V. Shiki
    Alias: Krow
    Names Meaning: - Kyros means "Like The Sun".

    - V: The middle initial V. is possessed by certain individuals. The carriers of V. are feared for their constant habit of being at the center of many major incidents throughout history. They are said to be the descendants of an ancient group of Kingdom's that were supposed already in the Sky, before 1/2 of the world below was pulled into the Sky. These individuals are believed to be loved by the Sky and most have incredibly good luck. They always possess naturally strong willpower's that grow stronger the more they face stronger opponents.  

    - Shiki means "Four Seasons".

    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Alignment: Sky Pirate's
    Crew(s): Zetar Pirate's (Former?) | Phoenix Pirate's (Current) | Revolutionary Army (Allied?)
    Epithet: Fire Fist Shiki (Former?) | Shiki The Phoenix (Current)
    Role On-board: Zetar's First Division Commander (Former?) | Captain (Current)


    Age: Apparent Age:19 | Chronological Age: Unknown
    Species: Lost One (Legendary-type Crystogen)
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 135 lbs.
    Hair Color: Jet Black (Normal) | Ivory (Awakened)
    Eye Color: Scarlet Red (Normal) | Golden (Awakened)
    Appearance: Krow is a youth of below average height with spiky ivory hair and golden yellow eyes. While not tall in terms of his height, he has an incredibly well-toned musculature structure, with a light yet darker than the usual person's skin tone. He has a scar on his right cheek and a blade-like pendent adorning his left ear. Krow's crystogen mark is located upon his right forearm, and takes the form of a small yet intricate mark in a red hue. This mark turns azure blue when he uses Surge Mode and golden when he uses Overdrive: Phoenix Edge Mode. Later when Krow

    Krow's upper attire consists of a black, long-sleeve jacket with an azure trimming around the wrists of the sleeves and the inner-edges of the jacket. On each side of the torso, running up the torso and onto the sleeves ending in skull-like designs. On the back of the jacket is a skull and crossbones. This jacket being left open at all times. His lower attire consisting of a pair of black boxers with small azure skull and crossbones littering them. Alongside a baggy, black pair of pants that have large azure skulls at the knees of them. These pants being held up by a dingy golden strap-belt. His feet being adorned by black combat boots.


    Personality: Krow's two dominant traits are his apparent lack of intelligence and his utter fearlessness. Krow can be amazed by the simplest of things, yet confused by what most would consider common sense concepts. While larger concepts, even when explained to him, will instantly be called a mystery. He like monsters and other non-human creatures and will often ask them to join his crew. Krow's idea of medical care is to give the sick party their favorite things, as he believes the stuff they like will make them better. Some would argue that this lack of intelligence makes him incredibly unfit to be a Captain, despite this he is quite reliable when it counts. He also appears to have absolutely no sense of direction what-so-ever as he can get lost in the smallest of towns or on the smallest of islands. He also seems to have rather slow reaction times, especially to blazing heat, such as the kind one would encounter in the Kingdom of Arechi.

    The same cannot be said about his reaction times when he is on the field of battle, though; as he seems to react rather quickly to most projectiles and can dodge them with ease. How he developed this sort of skill is unknown, but it has been hinted at that it could be due to some sort of harsh life-risking training he underwent when he was younger. Krow is a special case even among Sky Pirates as his instincts and behavior are simply put, not those of a human, but much more akin to those of a wild animal. One example of this being, how he often knows who he wants to, or needs to fight long before arriving upon the actual battlefield. Another example being, how he relies purely upon instinct when in battle. This flowing well with his naïve a straight-forward outlook towards the world in general. He is the kind who smiles when fighting, except when he is forced into going all out. Despite this, he has an overwhelming tendency to fall for the simplest and often most obvious of traps.

    In light of this, one could go as far as to call him a natural-born warrior due to his capacity to come up with last moment counters against techniques and enemies most would struggle against. Despite his habit of holding grudges in life-threatening situations he tries to refrain from harming civilians, and will out-right refuse to fight back even when they clearly mean to cause him harm of some sort. In such situations, it will usually end up being one of his crew mates who fights on his behalf, or someone in the crew resolves it, if he is too annoyed by the situation to deal with it. He tends to tease his opponents, albeit not intentionally, which when coupled with his rather goofy actions and tactics when fighting give most the false impression he is making light of them and their abilities. However, Krow maintains that fighting is something he always takes seriously. While not being one who is prone to acting out of aggressive or upon violent emotions, he is quick to snap and lash out if a member of his crew is insulted or placed in a dangerous situation. When this happens he will stop at nothing to protect his crew members, whom he considers his family as he grew up unaware of the fact his mother is still among the living, something which his Uncle had chosen to keep from him. He also appears to be a carrier of the Will of Venti, as well as displaying the capacity to be able to use all known forms of Aera.

    Krow, despite all evidence that would point to the contrary, possesses significant leadership skills. While he seems to lack any such skills in normal day to day situations, when in a dire situation he will quickly become serious and carry the burden of a Captain without complaint. When interacting with his crew mates he is often the least serious of the bunch, a quality that can tend to annoy his friends. His dim-witted attitude and rather short stature have led few to fall under the impression that his Vice-Captain is the actual Captain of the Phoenix Pirates. Krow has an incredibly large appetite, something which often lands his crew in dire need of money. A running-gag flowing off this large appetite is the fact he constantly steals food. He also tends to dine and dash often. As one would expect from a carrier of the middle initial V. he has no fear of death. Krow often scolds his crew about their spending habits, which often prompts mention of how all their money goes to feeding him. Krow's favorite foods being either meat or anything else he can get, as he is often seen eating excessively when the crew gathers for meals or goes into a town. Though, he seems to be the kind to eat just about anything. Fitting his straight-forward manner of conduct, he is often blunt about his opinion on the taste of different foods. His hunger seems to know no limits as he will go as far as to rob stores and only take the foods he likes. Krow has an equally fierce thirst for adventure, which seems to be his only actual reason for becoming a Sky Pirate and why he aspires to become the Sky King, aside from wanting to one day meet his long lost mother, whose face and name he doesn't even know.

    He is known to have a mentality that is much like a child's in that he always goes to the extremes without apparent exception, as he can either be incredibly greedy or incredibly selfless. The things he is greedy about are matters involving food, the kinds of adventures he will go on, and probably the most significant, who his crew members are. Yet he is the kind of person who will allow just about anyone to join his crew if he finds that he enjoys their company. As for his selflessness (albeit incredibly misguided and probably still more greedy than they actually are selfless in the end), there appear to be no actual set situations, as he doesn't actually realize he is being selfless. Though, some of his crew member's have admitted to witnessing Krow go as far as to take on the punishment of a complete stranger, or virtually sacrifice himself for the person's cause, albeit usually with the intention of later strong-arming them into giving him not only all of their meat, but also all of their valuables unless the item in question isn't interesting to him. He is unusually humble for a Pirate and isn't the kind of person who will brag about those he has defeated.

    Krow is seemingly obsessed with armor and wears it whenever he gets a chance, he believes he is at his coolest when wearing full body armor. He also really likes Hero's but claims he has no intention of being a Hero like his father really was, when asked why he broke it down as, "Dumbass. A Hero would share their food. I want all the food for myself." Krow ever since his youth seems to have suffered from narcolepsy a trait which can piss a lot of people off when he falls asleep during an important conversation. His narcolepsy can also bring others to worry about him as he can fall asleep without any indicators of such in nearly any situation, with the exception of when he is fighting or his crew is in danger. Since the start of his journey his narcolepsy seems to steadily be getting worse. A running-gag and seeming habit of Krow's is to give people nicknames if their name is too hard for him to remember, or he will use a similar sounding word in place of their name.

    Despite everything that is known about Krow's personality, he is still quite enigmatic as he knows of and is somehow connected to many heavy hitters who were associated with the late Sky King. Though, many believe he was actually a participant in some of those most recent crucial battles between one of the Pirate Emperors and the Leviathan Corporation. Backing these beliefs is the fact he has a rather high Bounty and has attracted the unwanted attention of many heavy hitters in the world of Piracy and the Corporation. Building onto the deeper mystery surrounding Krow some of the Warlord's have claimed he possesses the most frightening ability, the ability to make an ally out of nearly anyone, even former enemies and those who should logically be his enemy.

    Likes: - Monsters: Krow has a strange liking for monsters and weird creatures, which is backed by his asking such creatures to join his crew.

    - Traveling: Krow being a Sky Pirate obviously likes traveling. This like being more so due to how very little he honestly knows about the world, despite his apparent status.

    - Higher Bounty: Krow, despite it being a bad thing, seems to actually be excited by his bounty rising even higher and higher.

    - Adventure: Krow, as a Sky Pirate, has an obvious liking towards adventures. So much so, that he will selfishly demand they change course if he even thinks there is an adventure waiting nearby (and is usually right).

    Dislikes: - His Uncles: While Krow has lived the life of a technical orphan, he does in fact know he has family, he just doesn't like the one's he knows. Namely his adoptive Uncle, Kyros V. Evan., and then his biological uncle and former Captain, Kyros V. Zev.

    - Leviathan: Krow, due to being on the Corporation watch list for being a Super Rookie from aboard the Rhapsodia, clearly isn't a huge fan of the Corporation.

    - Discrimination: Krow, being one of a dying archetype of Pirate, dislike seeing others discriminated against, or being treated like trash. Which also stems from the way things were on his apparent homeland of, Unmei Island.

    Motivations: - Adventure: Krow, like all who venture out into the vast Anemoi, is heavily motivated by his burning desire for adventure.

    - Sky King: Krow, unlike other Sky Pirate's, does not wish to become the Lord of the Skies as a Conqueror. He simply believes the Sky King is the one with the most freedom for going on adventures.

    - Defeating Leviathan: Krow, due to the Corporation having been behind the systematic annihilation of the Zetar Pirate's First Division (which Krow led), and being the only survivor (only five people know he survived), wishes to completely destroy everything the Corporation had or has a hand in.

    - Finding Out The Truth: Krow is motivated greatly by his desire to find out the truth of his origin.

    Fears: - Kiseki: Krow having witnessed what those injected by Kiseki are capable, has an apparent fear towards them. And while he will never admit to it, what he really fears about them, is that when they hit him, his flames can barely keep in terms of their healing abilities.

    - Falling: Krow, due to his naivety, seems to believe the rumors about falling from Anemoi and never being seen again. As such, he fears the possibility of falling from Anemoi.

    - Kyros V. Evan: Krow due to having had his ass kicked by Evan numerous times in his early youth (usually for asking about his origin's), has grown to fear Evan to a slight degree.


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