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    Character Rules


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    Character Rules Empty Character Rules

    Post by Krow on Mon Nov 24, 2014 6:45 am

    The Path To Growing Stronger!:
    There are several stages in the growth process of a player. There are 5 ranks that each can be identified by a letter.

    C Rank:
    The new adventurer has become exposed to real dangers and real battles. By now they have received a baptism by strife unlocking their next stage of growth. They are now realizing levels of powers previously unattainable however they still have far to go to reach the pinnacle of power.

    B Rank:
    The adventurer has ascended to a new level of power. Those who have obtained this rank are the line where common folk might describe them as "monsters" because of their power. They are now capable of feats that just seem completely impossible to the common man. However the adventurer themselves by now have likely come to understand the extent of their potential for growth and depending on the person may start developing power fantasies at this point.

    A Rank:
    You are officially dope. Your skill in terms of aethrion usage amazes even yourself at times. It is hard for you to go a day without breaking something very big. This is the part where you can start smart mouthing monsters 100x your size

    S Rank:
    You are officially badass. Prepare for fisticuffs with the space pope because you are now in the big leagues. At this level you are likely to become the stuff of legends and a major player on the world stage. Mooks beware, even an army matters little to you.

    X Rank:
    You now sit at the pinnacle of power. You are the strongest there is. God may pick a fight with you one day over this. You are now equipped for full scale saving the world, you no longer interrupt the ritual that summons the doomsday creature, you let the ritual finish so you can kill it with your bare hands. The aethrion kowtows to you.

    I Need More Power:
    Ranking up is the process of acquiring more power after gaining enough experience. (EXP)
    In order to be able to take the examination for the next rank, adventurers need to have a certain amount of EXP.

    Rank Up Required Exp:
    Rank Up Required EXP:
    C: 0 EXP
    B: 1,500 EXP
    A: 3,000 EXP
    S: 4,500 EXP
    X: 6,000 EXP

    Spending Exp:
    Once enough EXP has been gathered, you can apply for an examination.

    How to: Make a thread in the Examination Forum with a list of all the finished quests you have done so the amount of EXP can be calculated and evaluated. How the exam happens, is at the discretion of the Captain. Some Captain's may assign a quest to complete in the Examination Forum, others may have you spar with one of your crew mates, etc., as long as the process of examination (either completely or through links) can be found in the Examination Forum and double-checked by staff members.

    B to A to S to X Exams
    When going from B to S rank, you are required to have an exam with your Captain or either the Captain (equivalents) of your crew.

    S Exams
    Captain (equivalents) can participate in S rank exams, but they cannot PROCTOR the exam. The Captain also has to be there for that exam.

    X Rank Exam
    Will always first be earned by the Captain of the crew before other members of the crew can earn it. This exam is harsh, and while it is one person's exam, it is quite common for the whole crew to be allowed to participate (only for this exam).

    EXP can be gained in various ways:
    The most straight-forward way to earn exp is through missions or quests.
    Read the quest rules for more info:
    Crew Events:
    A Captain (or equivalent) has the power to set up events for his/her crew, in which the members can participate and earn exp. among other things.
    Read the faction rules for more info:
    Faction Events:
    A Special Status Player has the power to set up events for his/her crew/faction in which the members can participate and earn exp. among other things.
    Read the faction rules for more info:
    Site Events:
    The staff organizes special large-scale events that the whole community can participate in. Of course, exp is only earned through participation. These can also earn a player a special one of a kind item.
    The Ruins/Labyrinths also allow you to gain exp.
    Read the ruins/labyrinths rules for more info:

    Level Up!:
    Each time you rank up, a whole new set of possibilities opens up for you. You gain power in various ways:
    When you rank up, you gain access to more skill slots.
    Read the Aera rules for more info:
    When you rank up, you gain perks according to your new rank.
    Read the perk rules for more info:
    When you rank up, you gain more points to spend on stats.
    Read the stat rules for more info:

    Alternative Character:
    We Are Many, You Are But One:
    You are allowed to have up to 3 characters, one of which is your main character. However, you must meet certain requirements before you can create another character:

    Second Account: Your first must be B Rank or higher.

    Third Account: Your first must be A Rank or higher, your second must be B Rank or higher.

    It is highly recommended and encouraged to inform the staff when you are about to create an Alt. to avoid confusion and to make sure that you meet all requirements. If you're being caught having multiple accounts without meeting the requirements, there will be consequences.

    Only after receiving a PM that officially grants you permission may you start up your character sheet.

    Additional Rules:
    - Your characters cannot be in the same crew and must belong to different factions.

    - Your characters can be in the same thread, as long as there is at least one other person in the thread with you.

    - When more than one of your characters is in the same fighting thread. The post order must be the following:
    - Character 1
    - All other people in the thread respectively.
    - Character 2
    - All other people in the thread respectively.
    - ...

    - Your characters are only allowed to kill each other through an assassination contract by the World Government, or Plot Purposes and both player's must consent. When this happens, you must have a private thread with yourself and it needs to be of good quality. More info on Leviathan Corporation Assassination can be found here:

    - When your main character dies, you can choose to resurrect three times, before you assign one of your alts to become your new main. You are then free to create a new account according to the rules above.

    - HP Regen: All characters regardless of rank can only cap out to 50% regen with in battle. Anything more will count as out of battle regen which will cap out at 50%. You can only regenerate 10% HP every two turns.

    -AP Regen: All characters regardless of rank can only cap out to 50% regen with in battle. Anything more will count as out of battle regen which will cap out at 50%. You can only renegerate 10% AP every two turns.

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