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    Code of Conduct Empty Code of Conduct

    Post by Krow on Sat Nov 22, 2014 4:48 am

    1. Player's Shall Not Be A Jerk By Any Means Including Hurtful Trolling Anywhere.
    2. Player's Shall Not Scam On This Site.
    3. Player's Shall Not Offend Or Disrespect A Staff Member At Any Time.
    4. Player's Shall Respect All Players.
    5. Player's Shall Not Use Racist Terms Or Hurtful Phrases.
    6. Player's Shall Not Attempt To Circumvent Rules Or Punishments In Any Way.
    7. Player's Shall Not Emoticon Spam Anywhere On The Site
    8. Player's Shall Not Commit Perverse Acts That Are Above PG-13 Level On The Chatbox.
    9. Most importantly player's shall not advertise other sites anywhere on this aside, aside from the Advertisement Area.

    (Violating these rules will result in a ban)

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