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    Sacred Phoenix Crystogen (Finished? Its kinda overly badass being probably one of the more powerful ones)

    Dawn Retsuno

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    Sacred Phoenix Crystogen (Finished? Its kinda overly badass being probably one of the more powerful ones) Empty Sacred Phoenix Crystogen (Finished? Its kinda overly badass being probably one of the more powerful ones)

    Post by Dawn Retsuno on Fri Sep 26, 2014 2:03 am

    Name: Fallen Phoenix Crystogen
    Class: Legendary
    Appearance: The mark left by the Awakening of the Phoenix Crystogen starts out as an intricate tribal mark encompassing some of the left pectoral it will gradually turn into a semi-sleeve that covers the left shoulder down to just past their elbow as they progress with their usage of their Crystogen. When the user has furthered and mastered their usage of this Crystogen the mark will grow along their arm until it eventually reaches their wrist, ending with a tribal phoenix on the top-side of their hand. The Phoenix Crystogen is of the rare breed that creates additional marks caused by a unique side-effect. For the Phoenix Crystogen this starts as a simple tribal band wrapping around the mid-section of the right forearm. This band will gradually duplicate as the user experiences the Rebirth side-effect of the Phoenix Crystogen.
    Passive Traits: - Golden Flames: The Sacred Phoenix Crystogen used by Dawn Retsuno, share the passive trait of their bodies immediate response to be wounded to produce their respective flames to heal their wounds. The Sacred Phoenix Crystogen  being able to heal flesh wounds, broken bones, and internal damage, as well as minor limb loss such as hands or feet. However, any fatal wounds will cause the Rebirth Curse to kick in. These regenerative flames boost the user's Endurance stat by double. These flames can also be used to heal one's allies, being able to do so through touch and concentration.

    - Immortality|Rebirth Curse: The Sacred Phoenix Crystogen has the Curse of Rebirth or Immortality. This means that not only will the user stop aging after a certain point, but also that whenever the user is wounded beyond the scope of their regenerative flames capabilities to heal them, they will quite literally explode in a massive shower of ashes. These ashes as they rain down will be pulled together reforming as the user. However, for the Fallen Phoenix Crystogen they reform as they were five years before they stopped aging. This lasts for ten posts afterwards, and it the current thread ends before these ten posts end, the user starts their next thread in that form.

    - Physical Buffs: The Sacred Phoenix Crystogen used by Dawn Retsuno, share certain Physical Buffs. Namely their Strength and Speed stats are tripled. This makes the user capable of super-human feats, which isn't uncommon among Crystogen users.

    - Overdrive Mode: The Overdrive Mode of the Sacred Phoenix Crystogen has the same primary function of giving the user their Second Wind on demand. For this specific Crystogen however, the user is engulfed in a golden aura that takes on the form of a six foot tall Phoenix surrounding the user. Like all Overdrive Modes, this makes it so the user does not take any damage or feel any fatigue for five posts. After these five posts they will be hit will either be hit with Nausea or out-right drained of energy for five posts.  

    - Sacred Phoenix Drive: Phoenix Drive is like Overdrive Mode on crack. The user become near invincible for ten posts. All the conditions of Overdrive apply, but with all stats being tripled from their base amount. The huge drawback is that when this huge boost in power wears off the user is left near defenseless for the next ten posts. This is a last ditch effort, as in actuality it is actually capable of killing that which cannot die.

    Ability Description: The Phoenix Crystogen allows the utilize an Golden flame for various purposes. This flames can be produced from any part of the user's body, appearing when they are wounded healing them. Aside from offensive and defensive applications, these flames can not only heal the user, but also their allies, as well as being given a material consistency (solidified). The flames produced by the Phoenix Crystogen, like all elemental Crystogen is tied deeply to their emotions. This meaning spikes in powerful emotions such as anger can strengthen the power of the blaze, though each emotion causes different results. they can extend the gift of Immortality. This is actually what causes the development of the markings on the user's right forearm, as for each person they extend it to they develop a new band around their right arm.
    Other Details: The Sacred Phoenix Crystogen is not as cursed as its counterpart. The user not only stops aging after a certain point in time, but is also unable to actually die. As such they must suffer through watching other's grow old or die. They do not however, suffer from Amnesia, Nausea, and Narcolepsy. They will rarely notice these things, and can even sleep should they feel like it. The gift of immortality can only be shared with four people though, and only halts aging and gives them a slight regenerative boost that heals damages up to minor internal injuries.

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    Sacred Phoenix Crystogen (Finished? Its kinda overly badass being probably one of the more powerful ones) Empty Re: Sacred Phoenix Crystogen (Finished? Its kinda overly badass being probably one of the more powerful ones)

    Post by Krow on Sat Dec 13, 2014 2:07 pm

    Okay. I'll be doing your review today.

    First Review:
    - Make the Title of the thread Sacred Phoenix Crystogen (Finished).

    - I need you to put placeholder's for your techniques. You start with five D-rank abilities. I'd suggest making one for each rank, so one for D, C, B, A, S, X ranks respectively. Just makes life easier.

    - The name of it is a bit switched up. Pick one or the other. Then fix where the names are mixed up.

    - Player's start with three passives. Overdrive doesn't need to be set as a passive as it is something all Crystogen-user's can use now, but it is known as Surge. Similarly Sacred Phoenix Drive doesn't need to be listed as a passive.

    Fix that stuff in this spoiler and I will continue my review.

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