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    Character Page Template


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    Character Page Template Empty Character Page Template

    Post by Krow on Sat Aug 09, 2014 3:36 am

    Character pages are simple. They tell us what your character can do, ability-wise, along with any items they may possess.

    [b]Name:[/b] Simple enough, the name of the character
    [b]Affiliation:[/b] Sky Pirate, Military, Bounty Hunter, Revolutionary, or something else?
    [b]Crew:[/b] What is the name of your crew or group? If you are just beginning, None is acceptable. If you have a bounty, you NEED a crew name, even if it is just you.
    [b]Bounty:[/b] Leave this blank when beginning, you will earn bounties later and from character registration.
    [b]Rank:[/b] Rookie? Super Rookie? Warlord? Vice-Admiral? Admiral?Things of that nature.

    [b]Tier:[/b] The tier you are currently at.

    [b]Crystogen:[/b] Please use [url=url code of your approved crystogen]Name of crystogen[/url] format, for easiness
    [b]Skills:[/b] Please list all skills your character has.
    [b]Items:[/b] Please list, and link to all items your character has. Ships go on the Leader's page.

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