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    Phoenix Pirates


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    Role: Phoenix Pirate's Captain
    Ability-type: Phoenix Crystogen
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    Phoenix Pirates Empty Phoenix Pirates

    Post by Krow on Thu Aug 14, 2014 2:43 am

    Crew Name: Phoenix Pirates
    Jolly Roger: The Jolly Roger of the Phoenix Pirates is that of a Phoenix with its skull exposed, flame-clad wings with crossbones behind it.
    Crew Bounty: Pending
    Crew Motto: Pending
    Crew Rules: Pending

    Captain: Kyros V. Sora a.k.a. Krow
    Captain's Epithet: Fallen Phoenix
    Captain's Bounty: Pending
    First Mate (Vice Captain): Pending
    Vice-Captain's Epithet: Pending
    Vice-Captain's Bounty: Pending
    Crew: Crew members Name - Occupation - Epithet - Bounty

    Ship Name: Pending
    Ship Type: Pending
    Ship Description: Pending
    Ship Weaponry: Pending
    Ship Storage: Pending

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