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    Crystogen/Demon Egg/Skill Templates


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    Crystogen/Demon Egg/Skill Templates Empty Crystogen/Demon Egg/Skill Templates

    Post by Krow on Sun Aug 10, 2014 9:35 pm

    Name: (What is the name of the Ability (Crystogen or Demon Egg?)
    Class: (Alter, Animallis, Elemental, or Legendary etc. here?)
    Appearance: (What do the markings made by the awakening of your Crystogen look like? (These marks are like a tattoo, but will vanish if you are killed and your Crystogen transfers.))
    Ability Description: (What does it do? Some Crystogen a single element, others are animalistic in nature and form, or otherworldly in nature, being so rare, their existence is doubted.)
    Innate Abilities: (Special characteristics, unique to your respective ability, include your Lost Form here!)
    Passive Traits: (What are the passive traits and stat buffs offered by your Crystogen. Please give these as a list with at least a sentence of description and detail.)
    Other Details: (Other things that one would need to know)

    Skill Template

    Name: (What is the techniques name?)
    Rank: (What is the tier rank of the technique?)
    Type: (Element, Offensive, Defensive, Support, etc. here!)
    Description: (What does it look like?)
    Usage: (Duration, Cool-down.)

    [b]Ability Description:[/b]
    [b]Innate Abilities:[/b]
    [b]Passive Traits:[/b]
    [b]Other Details:[/b]

    Skill Template


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